The importance of Brands: How to communicate in the Coronavirus era?

In difficult times, advertisers are under pressure to squeeze their budgets. Some brands go straight to the bottom line and adspend is significantly affected. But consumers haven’t gone anywhere, and they still expect to see the brand and want reassurance from them.

Audience consumption of TV is rising during the lockdown across Europe, and it is possible to adjust the media mix to target an engaged at-home audience through creative content which informs, educates and entertains.

In this webinar on April 23, we explored why we believe brands should stand out positively and confidently. We identified strategies for how to connect with consumers and achieve long-term brand impact with the right tone of voice.

// Speakers //

  • Daniel Bischoff, Chief Marketing Operations Officer, RTL AdConnect
  • Aurélie Brunet de Courssou, Group Head Strategic Planning, RTL AdConnect

//  Webinar  //

April 23

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