TV Key Facts puts cross-media measurement under the microscope

April 8, 2021

Last month, MadFest // Anywhere revealed the latest trends that are set to impact both the media and advertising landscapes. The biggest talking point of the event was that Google was planning to dispense with third-party cookies, which triggered rife discussion about what would replace it.

What became clear is that first-party data sets would be key and cross-media measurement tools would allow for greater pools of data. 2020’s edition of the TV Key Facts explored how cross-media measurement systems could be implemented and what challenges it would face in doing so. The summaries of the articles can be found below:

What are advertisers’ biggest challenges? By Stephan Loerke, WFA (5 minutes)

Media spends have seen a seismic shift in recent years with digital attracting increasingly larger parts of budgets. Brands therefore want a framework put in place that evaluates the ROI of every touchpoint and that allows marketing decisions to be data-driven.

The WFA has taken the initiative and has got a good level of engagement between platforms, media and brands. They are currently seeking a solution that sets parameters so that individual markets are allowed to adapt to their local culture within a universal parametric system.

Read the full interview here

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How do we build a cross-media measurement system that reflects TV’s premium delivery by Anders Rune, egta (4 minutes)

As there are increasingly more mediums available to the consumer, the need for a cross-media measurement system increases. Viewing habits are currently evolving faster than audience measurement is, which means that getting a fair cross-media measurement tool is still a long way off.

It is necessary for standards and metrics to be agreed from both an advertiser and a broadcaster perspective. Advertisers want the different mediums’ differences to be represented fairly whilst broadcasters need a comparable quality of input and output data, and for both content and advertising to be measured.

egta believes that TV should be the basis for such a system as it provides the most quantitative, robust and audited data.

Read the full article here.

The search for a cross-media measurement system by Ben Jankowski, Mastercard (4 minutes)

Mastercard currently feels that there is a need to improve user experience, which involves knowing how often consumers see their messages and where they’re messaged. Currently, there are no metrics that allow this to happen, which is why they’re calling for a cross-media measurement system.

Mastercard believes that the greatest challenge to its implementation is getting competitors to collaborate.

Read the full interview here.

“Various industry players have spent a lot of time trying to solve the problem themselves and came to the same realisation, which is that it’s not possible to do it alone.”

© Ben Jankowski, SVP Global Media, Mastercard

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