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September 1, 2021

The advertising sector is constantly trying to evolve and adapt to the arrival of new technologies. Over recent years there has been an increase in the use of technology to facilitate easier access and better results within the sector. The results are clear. For example, the development of Addressable TV, provides a new technological leap forward, meeting the growing demand from advertisers for more precise targeting, allowing them to focus more on the type of audience they want to reach. Broadcasters are also experimenting with the latest developments in technology, combining the immense capabilities of technology and TV to revolutionise the TV advertising experience.

2020’s edition of TV Key Facts featured three articles exploring the latest developments and huge innovation in the market and how advertisers are today presented with immense opportunities to maximise their strategies. The summaries of the articles can be found below:

A closer look at Addressable TV in Europe by Kourosh Ayrom, RTL AdConnect (10 minutes)

RTL AdConnect’s ATV expert gives us an insight into the latest developments in Addressable TV in Europe, one of the most talked about topics in TV and digital advertising. He explains how ATV allows brands to enhance their strategies by better targeting households, through consumption behaviour, location and addressing multiple screens across the same household.

Europe is a continent rich in differences, especially when it comes to countries’ particular media landscapes, and we have therefore seen European markets dealing with Addressable TV in different ways.  However, what is clear is that ATV can certainly not be ignored. ATV is still in its infancy, but there is expected to be more collaboration between industry colleagues and competitors to create a more unified ATV marketplace. In the meantime, advertisers and media agencies need to think about how to apply it in practice and its value in enhancing brand performance and ROIs.

Read the full article here.

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What’s new with Addressable TV? By Sebastian Busse, smartclip (4 minutes)

In this exclusive interview, Sebastian Busse, Director of Addressable TV at smartclip, discusses the latest developments in Addressable TV, from the global overview, the impact that Covid has had on its development, the difference in technology across the globe, as well as challenges and opportunities and the outlook for the future.

He believes that the key to full addressability is increased cooperation across the sector, between broadcasters and tech companies, since the market is fairly fragmented at the moment, as well as more standardisation of Addressable TV across Europe.

Read the full article here.

Introducing ITV’s Planet V by Rhys McLachlan, ITV (8 minutes)

Broadcasters are innovating by combining TV and technology to meet the growing demands for more precision and accessibility, ITV has met this demand by launching a new programmatic platform, Planet V, in March last year and it is set to transform their advertising experience.

Planet V is a tailor-made platform for the television industry, offering all components such as DSP, SSP and DMP in a singular place, giving ITV complete control but also making it simpler on the buy-side. Eventually, they plan to add linear and expand beyond ITV. The key for the future is harmonisation and more collaboration between companies to create a simpler interface for customers.

Read the full article here.

ITV has been reticent in engaging in the programmatic space until such a point it felt that it had a solution that reflects well on them as a business and meets the needs and expectations of advertiser customers.

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