Together In Solidarity

September 22, 2021

Following the floods that devastated Western Europe in the summer, individuals, groups and businesses mobilised to offer practical help and raise money for the Red Cross to help Belgian victims. In order to maintain this momentum, RTL Belgium has teamed up with RTBF and various other media companies to create online platform Ensemble Solidaires (Together In Solidarity) where volunteers can continue to offer their services.

Many victims continue to suffer thus the site aims to bring together those who are in need and those who can provide aid quickly and efficiently. All that is needed is a name, an email address and a postcode in order to ask for whatever form of aid you require. Offering your services works in the same way. The website does not take monetary donations and directs you instead to the Red Cross website.



The site also offers articles from the media partners involved, which share updates on the aid available and updates in affected areas. Julien Brassine, Head of Social Media and Project Spokesperson at RTL Belgium, says: “At RTL Belgium, we have a commitment to our listeners, viewers and internet users. As a media company which is close to its audience, we have a mission to be present. We hope to help as many people as possible via this platform, driven by a common commitment from different French-speaking media sources in Belgium.”.


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