The New Life of the Living Room research revealed

May 3, 2022

New study reveals that personalised advertising and creativity can combat consumers’ lack of attention. The TV is still at the heart of the home, in the living room, but today viewers expect more than just passive entertainment from their big screens.

Paris/ Luxembourg/Hamburg, 3rd May 2022

Latest research conducted by RTL AdConnect, in partnership with smartclip, analysed consumers’ video viewing habits, their relationship with TV and advertising across platforms in 10 different European countries. This comprehensive study was conducted with both a qualitative and quantitative approach to develop well-rounded knowledge about the European consumer. 18 families were interviewed across the UK, Germany and France and a qualitative survey was conducted 8500 individuals across 10 countries (the UK, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, the Netherlands, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, and Finland).

Key Findings:

55% of Europeans have purchased a Smart TV in the last two years

Connected viewing is now an expectation rather than an alternative

People expect more personalisation in advertising

The report uncovers habits, expectations and viewing tastes from target groups across Europe to show how TV viewing has changed. Factors like the pandemic appear to have influenced buying habits as over half of Europeans have purchased a smart TV in the last two years. Although it may seem that alternative platforms for video viewing are taking over, in fact TV viewing remains the focal point of the living room. In the UK, 63% of viewers watch video content on a TV more than any other device. Connected TVs are also becoming a huge priority for Europeans: 55% of viewers connect their TVs using a stick or a dongle and 68% use a set top box. It was revealed that 9 out of 10 people have a TV set in their household and 79% connect their TV device to the internet via a wired (Ethernet) or Wifi- connection.

“Knowing [the viewers] moods and mindsets means that advertisers can use our research to better target and design content that will cause less friction for viewers throughout the day”

© Jean-Baptiste Moggio, Head of Marketing at RTL AdConnect

 One of the challenges for advertisers is that no matter what the viewing platform is, viewers find ads annoying if they are repetitive or irrelevant. Around half of European viewers are irritated by ads on linear, social media, broadcast VOD and ad supported VOD and this figure rises to nearly 60% of YouTube viewers. Advertisers need to understand the viewer to get through to them.

It’s unsurprising that this sense of annoyance comes from the disruption of the viewing experience. But this is only a minor challenge for creative advertisers who can up their game and design advertising that supports connected viewers who want to see valuable advertising. Creative and relevant ads are perceived more positively. Advertisers can take advantage of smart targeting simply make more creative ads to benefit from this positive outlook.

“Advertisers can leverage advanced targeting features such as frequency capping and ad sequencing, which gives advertisers complete control over the number of times a viewer sees an ad and the order in which different ad creatives are delivered”

©Shira Leffel, Executive Director Europe Marketing and Product Education, smartclip.

Through increasingly clever online advertising, consumers now expect personalised marketing. For ads they see on TV, 71% want personalisation and 66% would like messages to be tailored to their needs. This is all possible via a combination of real-time, behavioural, socio-demographic, and contextual data and with the increase in connected TV purchase and connection to smart features. The current environment is a real opportunity for brands to deliver relevant content and ads.

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