‘The Masked Singer’ returns to RTL 4

September 15, 2021

The ever popular ‘The Masked Singer’ makes a comeback to RTL 4 on the 15th of October, but this time alongside an exciting new offshoot.

After its second successful season the show return to Dutch screens, showing on RTL 4, an RTL Nederland channel, every week from mid-October. Host Ruben Nicolai claims that “the third season transcends the previous two” and promises that “the costumes are dazzling, the candidates are special and diverse, and the standards are very high”. What’s more, a new spin-off show ‘The Masked Singer: After the Mask’ will air alongside the weekly episodes, offering viewers a sneak peak of what goes on behind the scenes and an opportunity to find out more about their favourite characters. It will be available on Videoland (RTL Nederland’s streaming platform) immediately after each episode is shown live.

“The third season transcends the previous two. The costumes are dazzling, the candidates are special and diverse, and the standards are very high.

© Ruben Nicolai, the show’s presenter

The judges Gerard Joling, Buddy Vedder, Carlo Boszhard and Loretta Schrijver will return for season three. The principle of the show remains the same with the goal of the panel being to try and guess the celebrities behind the mask who range from being actors to athletes and politicians to presenters. Following solo, duet and group performances, the judges will ask various questions to figure out who hides behind the mask, but it is the audience who have the voting power to decide which singer must reveal their identity and leave the show.

The second season of the show is currently nominated in this year’s ‘Gouden Televizier-Ring’ awards and season three shows no sign of changing this course of success.

Source: BENET

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