The best offer

October 11, 2019

10.10.2019, France, M6

On 17 October 2019, M6 presents the first episode of a new real-estate show.

In La meilleure offre (The best offer), the TV hosts Julien Courbet and Stéphane Plaza support people who have to sell their home under time pressure. The highlight of the show is a meeting with all the interested buyers who then submit their bids for the property.

Usually it’s house hunting that is associated with time constraints and stress. But sometimes stress and time pressure also arise when a residential property has to be sold as quickly as possible at the best possible price. This is exactly what this new real-estate show on M6 is all about. The first edition of La meilleure offre will be shown there on 17 October 2019 in primetime at 21:05.

It will be hosted by Julien Courbet – who moved from RTL Radio (France) to its sister company M6 in 2018 after 20 years at RTL Radio (France), where he presents the business magazine Capital – and Stéphane Plaza, an actor and real-estate agent who already hosts several real-estate shows on M6, such as Recherche appartement ou maisonMaison à vendreChasseurs d’appart, and most recently Mieux chez soi. The viewers love him: Plaza has been voted the most popular TV presenter in France for several years in a row.

In La meilleure offer, Courbet and Plaza help people who have to sell their home as quickly as possible – be it because of a job-related move, or a changed family situation. The two presenters will not only visit and assess the apartment or house for sale; they also guide visitors through the property, and above all they organize a central meeting of all interested parties, where the latter are asked to submit bids for the property. Viewers learn a lot about the value and valuation of a property and experience all the emotions that can be associated with having to bid farewell to a home. The first episode runs for 95 minutes and promises a full evening’s worth of edification and entertainment.

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