RTL takes a stand against racism in new campaign

July 15, 2021

RTL are teaming up with UFA to stand up to racism in campaign entitled “Rassismus geht uns alle an” (Racism concerns us all).

The daily series Alles was zählt (All That Counts) produced for RTL by UFA Serial Drama will address the problem of racial profiling within the storyline of the show itself, as well as online, on social media and TV magazine shows.

“Together with RTL, we want to draw attention to grievances and deficits, make us and everyone else aware of them, and encouraging a questioning of our thoughts and actions. We still have a lot to learn.”
© Damian Lott, UFA Serial Drama

 The campaign was started to raise awareness and stand up to systemic racism in Germany in particular, especially with regards to the police. The show will deal with racial profiling, a practice that involves the police discriminating, targeting, or suspecting someone of having done a crime based on their race, ethnicity, or religion. One of the show’s characters, Mo, is accused of being a drug dealer by the police and is sent to prison. The actor, Tijan Karim Njie, who plays the character of Mo is German, but his parents are originally from Tunisia and Gambia.

“As long as racism is still commonplace in our society, regardless of whether its institutionalised or part of everyday life, it is up to each and every individual to take a stand.” Katharina Katzenberger and Saskia Budde, who hold editorial responsibility for Alles was zählt.

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