Our “Responsible Brands in Europe” study is out!

May 7, 2021

Yesterday, we presented the results of our “Responsible Brands in Europe” research, carried out in collaboration with our French media partner M6 Publicité.

The results were introduced during an exclusive online conference, partly remote, partly filmed at La Cité Fertile, an environmentally friendly co-working, event and community space in Pantin, on the outskirts of Paris.

Our extensive study gives a better understanding of European consumers’ changing behaviour in response to the climate emergency, and highlights their expectations towards brands and media.

Alongside RTL AdConnect’s Head of Marketing Jean-Baptiste Moggio, who presented the study, several experts, brands, media and content production companies were asked their inputs in order to give a complete view of the topic.

The study covered 4 countries – the UK, France, Germany and Italy – with a representative sample of 1000 individuals for each market, aged between 18 and 65. Despite varying figures from country to country on specific subjects related to sustainable habits, one consistent trend: 71% of those surveyed realize that the world is experiencing a serious climate crisis and 80% claim that they try to act sustainably.

TV journalist Louise Ekland and Jean-Baptiste Moggio delved into more details of the European trends and habits across different sectors: food, fashion, beauty & hygiene, transport & tourism. Find some highlights here.

M6 Publicité’s Head of Research, Annabelle Guilly, gave insights on the importance of the research not being constrained by borders, since the climate crisis is not only applicable to certain countries but rather there needs to be a global effort to tackle it and therefore a wider understanding of consumer expectations is needed.

Discover her testimonial, alongside the ones of Lucy Crotty, Cultural Insight and Strategy Lead at ITV, and Jane Atkinson, SVP Global Production at Fremantle, Hannah Wickes, CMO at Ecosia, Gill Riley, Marketing Director at Quorn Foods, David Brussa, Total Quality Director at illy Caffè and Georgia Dellafior, Marketing Manager at Kiko Milano.

These leading voices from the media, cosmetics, technology and food industries gave insights into sustainable initiatives and how the media industry and brands can tackle the crisis, together.

In addition, Charline Schmerber, a psychotherapist specializing in the phenomenon of eco-anxiety also explained the power of brands to reassure consumers on the fact that they are going into action to answer the social and environmental challenges we’re facing, and that their choices, as consumers, are making a difference.


Watch this one-hour session on replay by clicking the link.


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