Our favourite Christmas adverts 2021

December 17, 2021

Christmas really is the most wonderful time of the year: family, friends, food, festivities, carols, cosy fires, Christmas crackers, the list goes on. But there’s always that one thing that kicks off the festive season- the Christmas advert. And even if you’re someone who disagrees with Christmas music before the 1st of December, you can’t deny that a glimmer of a Christmas ad makes you feel a little bit merry. In this article, we’ve rounded up some of our favourite Christmas adverts from across Europe this year…


It would be criminal to not begin with the UK, arguably the birthplace of the Christmas advert. For Brits, the premiere of the John Lewis Christmas advert might just be the most-anticipated screening of the winter season, with their sentimental music and heart-warming (and often heart-wrenching) storylines. Although this year was no different, with the tale of a lost space traveller being introduced to human yuletide traditions by a young boy, the advert hasn’t made our top spot. Supermarkets are stepping up their game with creative and quirky adverts- these are our favourites:

© Aldi


The low-cost supermarket brought back the much loved Kevin the carrot, who has featured the company’s last 6 Christmas adverts, alongside a new “Ebanana” Scrooge character, in an animation styled on the Christmas Carol. The supermarket has also teamed up with footballer Marcus Rashford to donate its surplus food to local causes.

M & S Food

How could the M&S ad not feature on our list, with the incarnation of the loveable Percy Pig, voiced by Spiderman actor Tom Holland, who comes to life for the first time ever and is introduced to the festive food M&S has to offer by a fairy, voiced by Dawn French. And of course the advert includes sumptuous slow-mos of the supermarket’s seasonal treats.

© M&S

© Tesco


Despite receiving over 5,000 complaints, we loved this playful ad, set to the Queen song ‘Don’t Stop Me Now’, which features Santa Claus showing his covid pass at the airport to ensure he can travel.

Sports Direct

A special mention has to be given to the Sports Direct advert which brought together this year’s sporting heroes, from Emma Raducanu to Jack Grealish in an advert that encourages viewers to go all out this Christmas. 


Following the success of the Christmas advert in the UK, many other European countries have hopped on board the trend, centering their Christmas campaigns around emotive messages and crazy characters.


The telecommunications company focuses on a theme of connection with the sweet story of a snowman who waits all year for snowfall to spend time with his friends. 

© Orange

© Amazon Prime

Amazon prime video

For the first time ever, Amazon Prime Video debuted an advert independent of that of the overall Amazon brand. It tells the story of an unlikely friendship between a smiling hyena and her zookeeper. The ad launched across Europe and its lack of dialogue lends itself well to localisation.


Everyone loves Lidl for its middle aisle where you can find a mix of the eclectic and the essential each week. The supermarket capitalised on this USP, with its Christmas advert which claims you can shop (nearly) everything you need for the festive season. 


Everyone loves a tear-jerking Christmas ad and it seems that Germans love them more than most. These top three German Christmas adverts brought tears to our eyes.


The supermarket brand coop tells the story of ‘Der neue Mitbewohner’ (The New Roommate), a budding friendship between a squirrel and a snow monster. Wonderful animation, snow and sparkle… What more could you want?


In their Christmas advert, Netto tell the story of how Santa became Santa Claus, showing him as a child at the school for magic children, being bullied for his lack of powers. The message of the advert is ‘Das größte Geschenk? Den Kleinsten helfen’ (The greatest gift, helping little ones) and the company have partnered with the Peter Maffay Foundation to raise donations for disadvantaged children.

© Netto

© Migros



Yet another supermarket chain makes the list with an emotional advert highlighting the importance of togetherness at Christmas. The Migros Christmas-drone does a bit of matchmaking, bringing together a lonely old woman with a family for Christmas. This advert brought tears to our eyes almost instantly.



For the Spanish, the annual ‘Lotería de Navidad’ (Christmas lottery) is what kicks off the festive season, specifically the advert that accompanies its announcement. This year’s slogan was ‘compartimos la suerte con quien compartimos la vida’ (we share luck with those we share life with) and celebrates sharing joy with those around us- family, friends, neighbours… In the advert the protagonists give a tenth of their winnings to someone they love. Now that’s the spirit of Christmas.

© Lotería de Navidad

And that’s our list! If this hasn’t gotten you in the Christmas mood, perhaps a big glass of mulled wine/glühwein/vin chaud and a bit of Mariah Carey will do the job. Happy Christmas!

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