On the path to sustainability

February 4, 2022

We cannot avoid the importance of looking after our planet. Admittedly, the world of media and advertising is not always the most eco-conscious industry, but this is changing rapidly. These are just a few of the initiatives and achievements we’ve rounded up from across Europe that deserve to be celebrated.

After a year-long process of reducing the greenhouse gases caused by its production, the German print magazine Geo is now climate neutral. This change involved looking into every department, from paper procurement to digital services, to find the most sustainable alternatives that produce fewer emissions. Where this is not an option, carbon offsetting processes are in place. Read more here.

From the 6th to the 13th of February 2022, M6 is hosting its ‘Semaine Green’ for the third year in a row. Over the course of the week, the broadcaster’s channels will show over 60 hours of programming dedicated to environmental causes, attempting to raise awareness of and offer solutions to the environmental crisis to the French public. Some programmes include the award-winning documentary ‘Dans les yeux de Thomas Pesquet’, the film ‘Minuscule’. Weekly programming, such as the ‘Scènes de Ménage’ or ‘Le 12:45-19:45’, will recentre its focus to cover topics of sustainability. Moreover, a host of series and episodes will be available to stream on 6play from next week including ‘Objéctif Zero Déchet’ or ‘Cuisinons Vegan’. Find the whole list of programming here (in French).

Topics of sustainability and responsibility featured heavily in the 2021 issue of the TV Key Facts. We’ve picked out some of the most pertinent for you to read below:

We interviewed two brands that have long been at the forefront of the shift to sustainability, to examine how advertising can play a role in shifting consumer habits and opinions. 

Gill Riley is Marketing Director at Quorn, which launched its meat-free products almost 40 years ago, discusses how the brand uses humour in its advertising campaigns to emotionally engage viewers with pretty serious topics. Read her interview here.

“We want to be more than just a sustainable company and go further than just offsetting our carbon emissions”

© Hannah Wickes, CMO, Ecosia

Hannah Wickes, CMO at Ecosia, discussed how brands can help consumers in a shift to more sustainable living, focussing on how to raise brand awareness in the face of competition from well-established competitors. Read her interview here

Frederique Refalo talked us through M6’s ‘Green Screen project’ which launched on World Environment Day in 2021. This project gave advertisers the opportunity to launch completely carbon-neutral campaigns. Read the full article here.

Although there is still progress to be made, the world of media and advertising is rapidly evolving towards a more sustainable model.

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