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March 24, 2021

The media industry has faced many challenges over the last year due to the ongoing sanitary crisis. In a changing landscape, the market has been forced to adapt. MadFest // Anywhere, which took place over two days in March, sought to address some of the main talking points from the last few months. RTL AdConnect is delighted to have been able to take part. Here is a recap of some of the biggest market trends discussed.

How to speak Addressable TV in Europe

ATV has been reaching more and more European markets in recent years and shows no sign of letting up. This is because it combines the premium-quality and scale of linear and the targeting capabilities of digital. Despite its success, ATV formats vary depending on which country you talk about; France and the UK both have IPTV solutions, which mainly constitute ad stitching options, whilst Germany and Spain mainly employ HbbTV capabilities, namely the L-Banner. The L-Banner is the most popular format as it covers 40% of the screen and delivers high user experience satisfaction.

Both, however, have excellent targeting capabilities (household segmentation, geotargeting, etc.) and, as such, incremental and de-duplicated reach are provided for any ATV campaign. In Spain, it is proven that ATV solutions give campaigns +4.66 points of incremental reach and subsequently help optimise KPIs. Audiences can also be targeted from a storytelling standpoint due to high levels of first-party data.

The global message is that now is the time to invest in Addressable TV solutions.

Ronan Bourgeois, International Strategic Accounts Director, RTL AdConnect

The Future of Immersive Entertainment

Although linear TV is still a dominant medium, increasingly more people are turning to streaming options, especially in the UK where 63% of people have an SVOD subscription. AVOD services are also rising to prominence, 77% of UK consumers prefer them as they provide a more personalised experience and allow them to save money. Consumers are also more engaged with them, which appeals to advertisers; 55% of consumers said they are more likely to tell a friend about a brand when a campaign airs on an AVOD service.

Steven Moy, Global CEO, Barbarian
Bill Simmons, VP Product Management, Roku

© Nuzzel

A “Great British Bake-off”? A Recipe for CTV success in the UK

Connected TV is not a digital channel and nor should it be. Its great advantage is that it can combine programmatic buying methods with great targeting and robust measurement capabilities. The results you get from running a CTV campaign can be thus fed back into learnings for both linear and digital investments in the future.

Steve Martin, MD of International Data & TV, LiveRamp

Are you Ready for a Post-Cookie World?

Ever since Google announced that they would end their use of 3rd party cookies, which previously covered 80% of traffic, it has been hotly debated what data will replace it. The most likely solution will be an increase in contextual targeting from publishers’ own first-party data. What, however, remains key to this system’s success is the creation of robust measurement tools.

Denise Leone, Global Strategic Partnership Director, DoubleVerify
Mia Mulch, Managing Director, Programmatic, OMG UK

What effect has the pandemic had on the portrayal of women in advertising?

Unruly has recently published their study on how women have been portrayed in advertising in recent years. The study looked at over 500 ads and asked consumers to rank the campaigns from 1-10 on how progressive they are. The global average was 7.4, which shows that progress has been made but that there is more to come.

The study also showed that progressive ads drive emotional responses (including happiness, inspiration and amazement) and purchase intent. The latter two emotions are also those that are deemed most effective in ads.

Rebecca Waring, Global VP Insight and Solutions, Unruly

“There’s reason for optimism as most ads do have a decent portrayal of women. ”

© Rebecca Waring, Global VP Insight and Solutions, Unruly

If you’d like to catch up on any of the sessions from the two days, use this link here to access MadFest’s YouTube page.

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