Love is All You Need

April 24, 2020

04/22/2020, The Netherlands, RTL Nederland

RTL Nederland shares their viewers’ love through their ‘All you need is love’ campaign.

During the coronavirus pandemic RTL Nederland’s channels are working hard to inform their audience about the crisis. At the same time, we are seeing many loving, creative initiatives in our society. So why not showcase that positivity on national television as well?

A virtual hug for grandma, a sympathetic action by local entrepreneurs, or an online ode to love: As of 14 April, RTL will be offering heart-warming messages from all over the Netherlands via its ‘All You Need Is Love’ campaign on its channels. All viewers are invited to send in their home videos. Messages for loved ones, entrepreneurial spirits, and creative show-offs – all types of videos are welcome!

“Our current affairs programmes, such as RTL Nieuws, RTL Boulevard and Jinek work closely together every day to report on all developments surrounding the coronavirus,” says Peter van der Vorst, Director of Content at RTL Nederland. “Information is very important at this time, but we also see that there is a need for positivity. We see so many beautiful, sympathetic and creative initiatives emerging in the country and they deserve a podium as far as we are concerned. Togetherness and connection are important for RTL and so we like to make room for personal video messages from our viewers.”

RTL Nederland has joined forces with the RTL 4 show All You Need Is Love for this campaign. Entries are not limited to declarations of love. Light-hearted actions by local entrepreneurs and creative excesses are also welcome. Since 14 April, the nicest, most beautiful and touching entries have been broadcast on RTL 4, 5, 7, and 8 and online via RTL Nederland’s social media. Submitting a video message can be done via

“So many people, so many expressions of love, especially now,” says presenter Robert ten Brink. “Everyone in the Netherlands is shaping the new reality in their own way, and there is no doubt that we are stronger together than alone. It’s fantastic that we not only show this in All You Need Is Love broadcasts, but also across the whole of RTL.”



The campaign has been rewarded with good ratings. In just over a week, RTL Nederland has reached half the country. The spots have aired 143 times in total across RTL Nederland’s channels. Over 460 people have sent in videos so far, so our colleagues at RTL Nederland receive around 40-50 videos a day.

The campaign has also been performing well on Facebook, with each post reaching between 20,000 and 45,000 people.

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