Launch your media success with RTL AdXplorer

March 21, 2022

RTL AdConnect have launched a new tool AdXplorer, designed with marketers in mind.  This new tool allows advertisers to mix and match a range of solutions to build pan-European online video campaigns based on region, target group, ad format. Just select the countries and the campaign criteria to create a mock-up of your international campaign plan.

Discover our huge inventory of premium online video publishers, made up of over 300 platforms including:





– Instream

– Outstream

– Social Video

Build an international campaign in as many as 19 different countries and regions, including:

– in 17 European countries: the UK, France, Belgium (North and South), the Netherlands, Germany, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Austria, Hungary, Croatia, Spain, Italy, Norway, Sweden and Finland

– the USA

– Japan  

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