Get an insight into the consumer mindset for Christmas 2021 with our European study

October 14, 2021

The results of our study on European attitudes towards Christmas is out. The survey, which was made in collaboration with Sociovision, revealed unique insights on how consumers are approaching this Christmas period- their inspirations and expectations.

The Study was carried out across 4 European markets (UK, France, Germany and Italy) among 1,000 adults aged between 18 – 65 years old, between the 29th of June and the 16th of July 2021. Once again, it is fascinating to see how diverse trends, expectations and consumption habits vary across markets.

One of the takeaways was how a part of the British population are planning to ramp up Christmas 2021 this year to make up for Covid lockdowns and the partial “cancellation” of last year’s festivities, in what the study calls “revenge spending”. The Brits also emerged as the keenest fans of Christmas among Europeans, with 76% of them agreeing that Christmas 2021 “will be wonderful” compared to 67% of Italians and only 51% of Germans.

The survey highlights several new trends and consumption habits such as the rise of second-hand presents for Christmas 2021 with 22% of French people saying they would prefer something second-hand while 45% saying they would prefer something new.

It also gives a better understanding of what helps the consumers get into the Christmas mood as well as where they get Christmas presents ideas, and how they plan to shop. For example, big brands appear as a safe choice, especially in France and Italy. Indeed, 57 % of Italians and 52% of French people would rather gift products from big brands.

And when it comes to the places where Europeans shop, we see that Internet has become a strong purchase channel, most notably in Germany. 52% of people buy presents online, 16% in shops and 43% in both.

For all these insights and more, watch the replay of our event here.

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