German Audio Alliance breaks record for monthly usage

February 24, 2021

In January, most likely due to the lockdown restrictions in place nationwide, the Bertelsmann German Audio Alliance set a new usage record of 7 million podcast downloads. January also saw the usage of the Alliance’s platform, Audio Now, grow 40% from the month prior.

In light of the current situation, consumers are seeking light, escapist entertainment as well as ideas for purposefully shaping themselves. As such, comedic offerings and podcasts surrounding “Family” and “Home Improvement” have been particularly successful. The Audio Alliance has many podcasts within these categories as part of its portfolio; “Die Pochers hier!”, the lockdown sensation turned weekly podcast, gained ground at the top of the charts whilst the family podcast “Elterngespräch”, and the home improvement podcast, “Ideen für eine bessere Welt – der Hygge Podcast” each saw impressive growth.

Advertisers are also able to take advantage of the Alliance’s increased usage through the “IAB V2” measurement system. The system rigorously measures unique users by only counting those who listen for longer than 60 seconds within a 24-hour period, thereby discounting duplicated audiences.

The Audio Alliance has been developing and producing new podcasts for the six partners of the Alliance (Mediengruppe RTL Deutschland, RTL Radio Deutschland, UFA, Penguin Random House Verlagsgruppe, Gruner + Jahr and BMG) since May 2019. All their podcasts are available to stream on the Audio Now platform.

(Source: BENET)

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