Euro 2021 brings advertisers into the heart of the action

March 30, 2021

Europe’s biggest international football tournament, the Euros, is set to take place this summer, a year after it was originally scheduled to begin. Europe’s 24 best national teams will compete over the course of a month, from 11 June to 11 July 2021, to become the best of them all. This year’s edition will be marginally different than other instalments of the competition in that its 51 games will be held in 12 different cities in 12 different countries. RTL AdConnect provides advertisers with the opportunity to harness the power of the Euros in 3 main European markets: France, Italy and the UK.

France’s victory at the World Cup will spur on French audiences

The 2016 instalment of the Euros was held in France and was broadcast on the French channels M6 and TF1. The fact that France was the host nation and that it reached the final led to M6 breaking record audience figures; an average of 20.8 million viewers watched the competition and an astonishing average of 17.6 million people watched matches France played in. Two years later, France went one step further and won the World Cup; the expectations for this year’s tournament, on the back of that success, will bring millions together once more in front of the TV screen.

M6 Group is giving advertisers every opportunity to reach these large audiences through various forms of coverage. M6 will broadcast 11 high-class games, including the final, whilst RTL Radio will provide editorial coverage of the whole competition. Not only are the matches being broadcast but M6 is airing 4 dedicated programmes to discuss the games and hear from the players involved: 100% Euro l’avant match, 100% Euro l’après match, 100% Euro le mag and La minute de l’Euro. 6play, the group’s catch-up platform, will also give subscribers access to exclusive content. The platform will go live an hour before each game and broadcast all 11 matches, as well as providing on-demand services for all the dedicated programmes.

Across this range of mediums, advertisers have various advertising formats to choose from. As well as a traditional TV spot, brands can create their own customised jungle and a 5-second transition that has an interactive animation with the option of conversing with various M6 personalities.

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Football thrives on Rai

Football broadcast on Rai has always been popular with Italian audiences and this summer’s Euros should be no exception. 2016’s competition was aired on both Rai and Sky; however, Rai attained a far greater audience share (8.3 million viewers on average vs 1.3 million). The qualifiers for the tournament also saw large audience figures with an average of 6.5 million viewers per match.

Advertisers have the opportunity to communicate to these audiences through a variety of mediums. Rai will broadcast 27 of the tournament’s games, including every single match that the Italian national team plays. Rai Radio 1 goes even further with 47 games airing live on its airwaves. It is also possible to watch every minute live through the channel’s on-demand offering, RaiPlay, and to re-watch every goal after the game has finished. For those looking to analyse the play, Rai will broadcast 3 dedicated programmes, which feature expert testimonies: Dribbling Europeans, Dirretta Azzurra and Notti Europee. This varied coverage allows brands to run cross-media campaigns for the entirety of the tournament.

The Three Lions play live on ITV

The UK will see 3 of its nations competing in this year’s tournament whose semi-finals and final will all take place in London’s very own Wembley Stadium. England’s wait for a second major trophy came tantalisingly close to its end at the World Cup three years ago and the English public is awaiting Euro 2021 with bated breath.

ITV will broadcast 27 matches live on either ITV or ITV 4; viewers will also be able to stream the game through the ITV Hub. This gives advertisers the opportunity to target 79% of the highly attractive 16-34-year-old bracket who have an ITV Hub subscription.

The advertising formats available to brands on ITV differ slightly to those of other broadcasters. As well as traditional spots, advertisers can align themselves with particular stadiums and, by doing so, attain 50% of Linear match breaks.

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