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March 18, 2021

The past year has seen Total Video consumption skyrocket due to various lockdowns and stay-at-home orders that have forced us all back into our homes. There has thus been an extra need for escapist content to remind us of normality and to distract us from our everyday realities. Over the last few months, experts from around Europe have written articles on content trends for the dedicated TV Key Facts website. These range from lockdown successes to Christmas hits with kids favourites in between. Here we give you a small recap in case you missed them.

What content flourished in our time of need by Paul Wood, Fremantle (6 minutes)

As lockdowns forced us all inside, audiences globally wanted escapist, feel-good content, which explains the dominance of the game show throughout lockdown. ITV’s Epic Gameshow averaged an incredible 4.6m viewers across the series.

Creativity was also rewarded. As lockdown restrictions forced productions to stop, we saw an increase in zoom-based content. Audiences quickly became bored with this type of content and relished some creativity. This is what American Idol did; the show managed to complete its season remotely, and consequently received its best ratings.

In a time where our real heroes were doctors, nurses and essential workers, there was also an appetite for content featuring real people.

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Christmas content trends by Marion Bardagi & Marie Van Den Zande, RTL AdConnect (5 minutes)

As Christmas approaches and families begin to reunite globally, broadcasters release, every year, content applicable to the whole family.  Entertainment, culinary formats and Christmas-specific content are always expected to take centre stage over the festive period whilst broadcasters are expected to release new shows to take advantage of increased audiences, composed of multiple generations.

For all of last year, it was important for advertisers to stay on air, if they had the resources to do so, yet Christmas was an especially important time of year to do so.

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Kids Total Video viewing trends by Aurélie Brunet de Courssou, RTL AdConnect (2 minutes)

When the announcement came through that kids could not return to school, kids’ total video viewing rose drastically. Whilst viewing times rose, the number of devices and platforms that kids use also grew. TV, including on-demand content, is the predominant medium watched; 91% of children watch live. However, the device on which content is consumed is less clear. Although most children are able to watch television on a TV screen, very few actually own one. However, 57% of kids own a tablet and watch content on it.

This increased consumption, on a greater number of devices, increases the need for brand safety from both a broadcaster’s and an advertiser’s perspective.

Read the full article here.

Television has become synonymous with brand safety over the years; therefore, it should come as no surprise that it is the medium, both live and on-demand, that is most used by kids.

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