CES 2023 highlights

January 12, 2023

The technology event of the year never fails to impress. The main stage at the CES is consistent with showing us a glimpse into the future each year. It’s the tech enthusiast’s playground, from home appliances to cars, read our highlights from the CES 2023 to discover a taste for tech…

Disney – Hey Disney 


Here’s one for our Disney fanatics. If asking Alexa to play songs for you is getting a bit boring why not ask Disney and have over 20 Disney characters at your disposal! Ranging from Mickey Mouse to Elsa, take your pick. Hey Disney functions as smoothly as Alexa but with the magic behind it, feeling immersed into the Disney Kingdom. One can purchase this with Amazon Kids+ or with Disney Alexa Skill. 

Samsung – Relumino


Innovation is truly demonstrated through Relumino mode on Samsung TV. This model, based on the Latin word Relumino, meaning ‘return to light’ is an assistant technology enabling a rebalancing of the image on the TV screen, aiding the visually impaired, by using artificial intelligence with just the click of a button. Now the visually impaired can watch their favourite TV shows with increased accessibility. 

John Deere


Climate change is an increasingly worrying issue, with record high temperatures in 2022 causing global heat waves. A shift into sustainable farming must be a priority. John Deere unveiled a new Autonomous Workforce at the CES 2023. The main benefit to this new autonomous workforce is that it is equipped with over 20 electric and hybrid models providing zero emissions and high performance alongside alternative power sources. Hopefully able to drive change within a wide range of industries. 

Graphene Square  


With the cost-of-living crisis not looking like it will be solved anytime soon, and hot water bottles being the cheapest source of heat, Graphene Square has developed a hologram radiator producing heat by using graphene. A more efficient way of generating heat whilst using 30% less energy. Could this be a solution to the current crisis in which we are in? Winning the Best of Innovation 2023 award and well deserving of it!

L’Oréal Hapta


L’Oréal Hapta is making beauty accessible! The first of its kind, handheld computerized lipstick applicator uses magnets to stabilize the intricate process of applying lipstick to those with motorization disabilities. The launching of this product will go live later this year with prices ranging from $150-$200. 

These innovations are only a fraction of the jaw-dropping exhibitions at the CES 2023. If you want to read more, go to the CES website to discover more about the show…

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