CES 2022 highlights

January 11, 2022

From TVs and phones, to cars, computers, home appliances and more, the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) is the event of the year for tech enthusiasts, highlighting all the latest innovations in the world of consumer electronics. Read on to discover our highlights from this year’s event…

Samsung has sought to reinvent viewing technology with two exciting devices. The new SolarCell remote is a smart TV remote like any other but one that charges remotely. Not only does it have a solar panel, to provide an eco-friendly way to keep the battery powered, it has also been developed with new technology that harvests electricity from radio waves coming from your Wi-Fi router. Samsung also announced the launch of the Freestyle, an ultra-portable, smart TV projector. This device weighs less than a kilo, comes with a 180-degree cradle stand and can project content onto walls, screens or anywhere else from 30 to 100 inches. It features 1080p resolution, 360-degree sound and automatically aligns its image to any surface. Unlike other projectors, this device provides TV-viewing quality wherever you go. 

© Samsung

© Engineered Arts

CES this year showed that a world with robots might be closer than we think with the reveal of Ameca, the humanoid robot. Using AI, this robot has 17 individual motors inside its head controlling its movements which make its expressions and facial features incredibly vivid and emotive.

If you’re on social media, you will have without a doubt seen videos of BMW’s colour changing car. The BMW iX Flow car uses E Ink technology gives the driver control to change microcapsules that make up the exterior of the car to white, black, or grey which take things to the next level of customization in cars. 

Another huge development in car technology comes from a partnership between BMW and Amazon whose 31-inch, 32:9 aspect ratio smart TV, is perfect for 4K streaming and gaming, will allow in-car entertainment. As well as this, smaller Amazon Fire TVs will be incorporated into a selection of new car models this year. 



Other exciting new developments were unveiled in sectors ranging from sport to beauty. Mojo Vision smart contact lenses are a breakthrough for athletes, 74% of which rely on technology to analyse their workouts. These contact lenses use an embedded display to show notifications, serve as a teleprompter, and even help people with low vision move about, allowing the person exercising to access real-time data in their eyes.

In the world of beauty, L’Oréal has developed technology that will ensure an improved hair dye experience, both in the salon and at home. The new at home device Colorsonic can be used to mix and apply L’Oréal Paris hair dye more easily and reliably than a home dye kit. 

This is just a selection of the unbelievable inventions that were on show over the weekend. Check out the CES website to discover so much more…

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