BMG targets carbon neutrality

March 3, 2021
As part of Bertelsmann’s climate protection strategy, which aims to make the entire group carbon neutral by 2030, the music company BMG has offset the 3000 tons of CO2 emitted by the company in 2019 by investing in certified climate protection projects. Such projects include the reforestation of degraded land (nutrient-poor soil) in Campo Grande, Brazil.

BMG intends to become the world’s first major carbon neutral music company and has already evaluated the global carbon footprint of its operating business. The next step for the entity is to develop a long-term strategy to avoid, reduce and offset any carbon emission in the future. BMG has estimated that 42,000 trees will need to be planted to offset the company’s entire carbon footprint.

BMG is currently in the process of collecting 2020’s carbon data and is planning extreme measures to combat this. These include the complete conversion of all its offices to be powered by electricity from renewable sources, improving energy efficiency and suggesting alternative mobility methods for employees.

In the future, suppliers are also set to be included in BMG’s offsetting measures to further reduce emissions in manufacturing and distribution down both physical and digital supply chains.

(Source: BENET)

“Being committed to fairness means being fair not just to your clients and your staff, but also to the planet. ”
© Ben Katovsky, COO at BMG

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