Bertelsmann Content Alliance takes on fake news in new marketing campaign

April 16, 2021

On April 2nd, companies within the Bertelsmann Content Alliance launched a multimedia campaign focused on trustworthy journalism to highlight the huge responsibility that media has to society to prioritise fact over fiction, in an era when the boundaries between the two become more and more blurred.

The campaign includes many well-known figures from companies within the Bertelsmann alliance, who span TV, print and radio. Amongst them are famous names such as the news anchor Tom Johann and the reporter Jasmin Gebele. They have come up with a clever heading that plays on two words in German, “Ja” and “Jahr”, to make “JAhr zur Wahrheit” (roughly translating to ‘Year of Yes to Truth’ or simply ‘Yes to Truth’).

“A society that wants to get along needs good journalism where facts are never ‘alternative’”

© Frank Thomsen, Head of Communications and Marketing, Gruner+Jahr

Since April 2nd, the campaign has been aired on several Mediengruppe RTL stations and Gruner + Jahr have been putting it out through print ads, it is also being run online and through various social media channels.

The campaign shows the faces behind the names of those who play an incredibly important daily role in providing their viewers, listeners and readers with reliable, transparent information and putting things into context.

(Source: BENET)


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