Amateurs Reach For The ‘Top Chef’ Crown

October 15, 2019

The new season of “Objectif Top Chef” will launch on October 28. As usual, the goal for the contestants is to duel with the professionals in “Top Chef”. For the first time, however, trainees as well as amateurs with a passion for cooking will compete. They have to convince a star-studded jury of their skills.

In the beginning, M6 only had professionals competing for the title of “Top Chef”. Later on, they were challenged by trainees who had won “Objectif Top Chef”. Now, in the new season starting on October 28, even amateurs will get a chance to enter the TV cooking contest and duel with the big names of their guild. With the new rules for “Objectif Top Chef”, M6 follows a trend that the broadcaster co-initiated: the fact that cooking has become a hobby and passion for many French women and men is in no small part the result of the plethora of cooking shows on television, including “Top Chef” and “Un dîner presque parfait”. Twenty percent of French people state that they have changed their habits in the kitchen due to watching a cooking show. Now, M6 is reaping the benefits.

To be precise, this means that France’s best chef trainees will measure their skills at the stove in “Objectif Top Chef” against each other, and also against amateur chefs. In the end, only one of the contestants will  enter season 11 of “Top Chef” – either a trainee or an amateur. It all depends on which contestant is able to best implement the advice and criticism of Philippe Etchebest in the course of the access primetime season and convince the jury of his or her cooking skills – and this jury truly is in a class of its own. Alongside Gilles Gougeon, Lionel Levy and Régis Marcon, three chefs – Michel Guérard, Mauro Colagreco and Pierre Gagnaire, each decorated with three stars – will judge the dishes prepared by the contestants. The “Objectif Top Chef” episodes will air at 6:35 p.m. on M6.

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