A partnership with Facebook Watch

October 16, 2019

Signing of a partnership between Groupe M6 and Facebook Watch to promote the group’s programmes.

For over 32 years Groupe M6 has continued to innovate and create while adapting to its changing environment. In this context, social networks have enabled Groupe M6 brands to connect with their community, get to know it better and start conversations.

To take the commitment relating to its brands to another level, Groupe M6 has partnered with Facebook Watch to create new video content about its programmes, for example, interviews, behind-the-scenes images, making-of programmes, etc.

The objective of this partnership, which concerns Groupe M6 television channels and radio stations, is to help promote the group’s programmes and ensure publicity for the airing of these programmes on Facebook Watch, a platform for watching and searching for videos operated by Facebook.

Frédéric de Vincelles, Managing Director in charge of programming for digital platforms and sport, says: “We welcome this partnership between Groupe M6 and Facebook. Facebook Watch’s interest in new content all about our programmes clearly shows how appealing they are. The group’s different brands will at the same time benefit from Facebook’s advertising power, which will support the airing of these programmes on our channels. This partnership shows the complementarity of our two worlds, in the service of our viewers and listeners.”

Edouard Braud, Head of Media Partnerships for France and Southern Europe at Facebook, says: “We look forward to strengthening our relationship with Groupe M6, which is currently one of the most innovative audio-visual groups on Facebook Watch. This partnership will enable us to continue and build on the great work of Groupe M6’s teams to promote their brands and permanently involve their communities on Facebook thanks to the videos produced from their flagship programmes.”

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